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MLS Soccer Sunday Highlights in Ten Tweets

MLS kicked off its 21st season with #SoccerSunday and it was an exciting one to say the least! With all twenty teams opening the season on the same day for the first time in history, it become instantly memorable. Starting with Toronto at the New York Red Bulls in the afternoon and ending with DC United at the LA Galaxy late night, the ten matches saw 36 goals (on 3/6), easily surpassing the previous record of 27 goals back in 2001.

There was no shortage of memorable moments this weekend. From Orlando City having the fifth-highest attendance in world, to the MLS Cup rematch which featured an outstanding bicycle kick from Federico Higuain. Step away from the pitch and the MLS teams had a pretty successful #SoccerSunday on Twitter as well. As the go-to source for real-time match updates, Twitter is the voice of the team for fans on social media. Teams provide play-by-play, GIF highlights, fan interaction, and general banter with one each other leading up to, during, and after matches.

Instead of a more “traditional” recap of #SoccerSunday, I wanted to highlight ten tweets from MLS teams that stood out for various reasons. Some are playful. Some are just plain cool. The tweets below are in reverse chronological order from the time they were sent and showcase plenty of creativity.

1. DC United taking a jab at their main rival following New York Red Bulls loss

2. Fabian Casti-ROW! 

In addition to the team accounts capturing content, MLS had social and digital team members at every game and they were able to capture content to put on the MLS social accounts. In Dallas, they captured video of Fabian Castillo’s goal celebration, which was then retweeted by FC Dallas and more than 300 other people.

3. Houston Dynamo #PaintItBlack have Giles Barnes’ signature corner flag kick celebration ready to-go

4. The Timbers Army showcase their first MLS Cup for their first tifo of the season


5. Orlando City calls out SportsCenter

I love everything about this tweet. It taps into the cultural phenomenon that is SportsCenter’s Top Ten and the team quickly had full video highlights of the final minute of stoppage time in which they scored two goals to come from 2-0 down to salvage a point. Great job capitalizing on such a memorable sequence!

6. Sounders FC highlight fan tweets

Fantastic job by the Sounders FC social team here in taking fan tweets and photos and turning them into their own piece of content from the team account. Great way to foster fan engagement!

7. New York City FC posts video of Head Coach Patrick Vieira answering Twitter questions

Following their thrilling 4-3 win on the road against the Chicago Fire to open the season, New York City FC shot a video of new head coach Patrick Vieira answering fan questions from Twitter. Another phenomenal way to engage fans post-match and hopefully a regular feature this season.

8. New York Red Bulls post the coolest photo of #SoccerSunday

9. FC Dallas are thankful for an hour break before the last match. Priorities. 

10. LA Galaxy sum up the final outcome of their opener vs. DC United

Sometimes, you just need to let custom emojis do the talking.

We’d love for you to tweet anything fun you see to us during future games or at any point throughout the week. Tweet us @SoccerMarketing and enjoy the rest of the MLS season – it’s going to be a special one!

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