Ben Schaefer

New Balance Uses Snapchat To Sell New Liverpool FC Kits Through Augmented Reality

Teaming up with Snapchat, New Balance and Liverpool FC are giving supporters the opportunity to virtually try on the club’s new 18/19 jersey via the front-facing lenses on their phones. With a simple tap on the screen, Liverpool supporters are now able to wear the clubs new kit, sing along with the YNWA alone chant, and then purchase the new jersey all from the comfort of their own phone.

Jordan Henderson, Liverpool’s captain explains, “Our kit isn’t just something we wear to play; it’s part of who we are as team. We feel immensely proud when pulling on the LFC Home shirt…”.

By giving supporters the ability to try on their kits before actually purchasing, it allows for meaningful customer engagement and enables an authentic experience that will hopefully fuel jersey sales.

New Balance and Snapchat worked with HYFN, an API partner of Snapchat. The Global Marketing manager of New Balance notes that by allowing fans to experience a virtual version of the team jersey it “allows fans to capture the passion and spirit they have for the sport and how they feel when pulling on the shirt”.

The Liverpool AR jersey campaign is not the first time that Snapchat has been used for AR marketing, brands like Bud Light and BMW have also teamed up with the social media giant to push out advertisements. Snapchat, New Balance, and Liverpool are challenging the typical procedure involved in purchasing jerseys, by integrating unique and differentiated pieces of content, the companies will look maximize engagement by using calls to action in their new ad campaigns. Either way, this new Snapchat lens will be something that both fans and brands will appreciate.

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