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Soccer in America 2015: Summary Report

Fact. America is a soccer nation.

America is home to Disney, apple pie, and baseball. America is now also home of ultra fan groups, pies, and soccer. Lots of soccer. Tens of millions of Americans now engage with the sport through a combination of soccer participation, club fandom (domestic and/or international) and national team interest.

Multiple factors have colluded to drive this growth, but the outcome is a burgeoning soccer nation uniquely different in so many ways to soccer countries around the world. Understanding the unique nature of soccer fandom in the U.S., the make up of the audience, soccer consumption habits, and engagement trends is all part of our charge each and every day.

For the last three years GESM has conducted multiple quantitative and qualitative research studies designed to better understand the soccer consumer in the U.S. For the first time, we are pleased to share findings from our most recent survey publicly.

This “Soccer In America 2015” study is comprised of 1,000 soccer consumer interviews nationwide. Respondents with a minimum age of 13 years completed an online questionnaire conducted during a one-week period in October 2015.

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