GESM Female Passion Report
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GESM Insights: The Female Passion Report

Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing, the leading soccer-specific brand marketing agency, today released proprietary findings on female interest and engagement in soccer in the United States. The report is based on findings from the seventh annual study conducted by GESM in an annual exploration of soccer fandom in the United States.

Did you know…

Female soccer fans have an equal interest in men’s and women’s soccer.

40% of female soccer fans have become interested in the sport in the last five years.

The typical female soccer fan watches 4.1 games per week.

GESM Female Passion Report

These are among the findings of the latest Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing industry report: The Female Passion Report – a deep dive into female interest and engagement in soccer in the United States.

GESM, the leading soccer-specific marketing agency in the U.S. conducted the online survey, hosted by Qualtrics, with general market and Hispanic consumers aged 13 and older who indicate at least a casual interest in soccer. The study took place during a one-week window in August 2019 with a nationwide sample size of 1,650 respondents.

According to the study, soccer is a newfound passion for many women with 40% indicating their interest in the sport has emerged in the last five years. This represents a significant number, particularly when compared to the equivalent statistic of 24% for male interest. One of the often-cited reasons and catalyst for interest is the historic 2015 FIFA World Cup Final win by the U.S. Women’s National Team (still the most watched soccer match in U.S. television history).

Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that female interest in soccer is still very much in a growth phase with almost half of all female fans (46%) indicating they are more interested in the sport today than they were a year ago. Women also tend to find their soccer passion later in life with 38% indicating they became a fan as an adult; after age 18.

The study found that female fans have an interest in both the mens and women’s game in almost equal proportion. When asked to describe their interest in men’s and women’s soccer, 46% indicated an equal interest, with 28% showing a preference for the women’s game and 27% a preference for the men’s game.







Media consumption habits were also addressed in the survey with respondents indicating they watch 4.1 soccer matches a week. Watching matches on TV is the most frequently reported media behavior, but only by a small margin. Viewership via streaming is increasing in popularity and accounts for 41% of total soccer consumption – just 2% lower than TV. Hispanic passion for soccer is well documented and, consistent with male interest, Hispanic females indicate a heightened level of viewership interest, watching 5.97 games per week on average.

“Our hope is that the findings of this study and resulting insights further help brands develop a deeper comprehension for the special connection soccer has with the female consumer.” – John Guppy, GESM President & Founder

Access to an expanded set for survey insights that includes analysis of the following is available by contacting GESM.

  • Female fan demographics
  • What women think about the men’s game vs women’s game
  • Factors influencing interest in soccer
  • Female interest in major professional men’s league
  • How women categorize their self interest in soccer
  • Perspective on the U.S. Women’s National Team and U.S Men’s National Team
  • Legacy impact of the World Cup on fandom


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