Number of FIFA players

Number of FIFA Players

FIFA, the video game, has long been a way to attract new fans to the sport of soccer. Whether you play by yourself, with friends, online, or even if you don’t play at all, you’re surely aware of the game’s popularity.

In Newzoo’s latest report on how brands can utilize video games and esports, FIFA was listed among other popular games with a comparison of active monthly users, as well as console versus PC users. In February 2021, FIFA had 11.7 million active users, which puts it smack-dab in the middle of Overwatch (3 million more users) and League of Legends and CS:GO (3-4 million fewer users). In what will come as no surprise, 86% of FIFA users are playing on a gaming console and not on a PC.


Source: Newzoo, How Brands Can Use Data to be Successful in Games & Esports

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