Scott Hutchison

Hispanic Millennials Seek Cultural Connections at Grocery

Millennials are more “multicultural” than any previous generation. In the U.S., approximately 40% of the generation identify as Hispanic, African-American or Asian American. And over a quarter of all U.S. Millennials are first- or second-generation immigrants—many of whom have strong ties to their global origins.

The lede from this Nielsen shopper marketing report started just one more insightful examination of how brands may attract this highly coveted consumer segment. They make up a quarter of our population, have significant influence on much of the other three quarters, and together they are estimated to spend upwards of $200 billion annually.

We spend a good amount of time in this space. The Millennial consumer is at the epicenter of soccer fandom in America, a key driver of the sport’s Stateside growth and an especially important factor in soccer’s digital appeal in the U.S. Hispanic Millennials, and Hispanic-influenced Millennials, are an even more focused bullseye.

Soccer fandom in America is a mashup of ethnic influences and a ripe asset to leverage when making a cultural connection with the Hispanic Millennial audience. The sport has deep global roots. Soccer personifies American demographics and values in 2016 the way that baseball has done for the past few decades. In a single word, specific to brand marketing, soccer for the Hispanic Millennial is authentic.

Hispanic Millennial consumers crave authenticity from brands, and they’re incredibly loyal to those brands they trust. Earning their trust comes down to how well you communicate relevancy and dedication to the things your consumers hold most dear.

Grabbing shelf space is a hot shopper marketing topic, as is the continual fight for a millisecond of consumer attention as they walk up and down the aisles. An integrated soccer marketing strategy, activated at the grocery store level, gives brands with that coveted cue to engage the Hispanic Millennial and start earning their business.

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