Ben Schaefer

Google Crowdsources Stories for Women’s Soccer Museum

Soccer is known globally as a common thread that connects people regardless of language and background. However, as hard as it may be to believe – particularly here in the U.S., there was a period in time during which many countries, including England, banned female participation in soccer – linked in part to health concerns around childbearing. For nearly half a century, under-the-radar goals, celebrations, championships and stories were suppressed.

However, what was once taboo now inspires millions – the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup is proof. Google is taking a giant step in honoring the untold stories by opening a digital museum – aptly called The Offside Museum. A digital museum is unique enough, but taking it one step further, Google is asking for people from around the globe to submit photos and stories to help them curate the crowdsourced museum.

In late May, Google began to ask for stories, videos, photos, and anything else thought thought to be worthy of inclusion on their arts and culture platform. At its best, the museum will inspire new generations to create their own stories, and celebrations. On June 24th – appropriately during the World Cup – Google will officially unveil the museum to the public.

To promote the museum, Google is creating a film highlighting Lea Campos, the first female referee. Lea Campos broke barriers and issued yellow cards where no woman had gone before. She faced serious backlash, yet even after being arrested 15 separate times, she persisted.

The Offside Museum will offer a unique look into a world where many women played in secret and defied laws to create their own soccer history.

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