GESM's Favorite Jerseys
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GESM’s Favorite Soccer Jerseys

ESPN recently released their ranking of the 101 best soccer jerseys of all-time. Put together by ESPN’s global writers and editors, the list includes home, away, and third jerseys for both club and national teams from the 1960s to today. Any such list is very subjective, but it’s interesting to see the types of events, countries, teams, and decades they’ve chosen. Don’t worry, I combed through their list and crunched some numbers so you don’t have to!

Breaking down ESPN’s top soccer jersey list

How many club teams made the list? Which decade had the most jerseys represented? Let’s dive in:

  • Number of National Team jerseys: 33
  • Countries with the most Club Teams: England (20), Italy (16), Spain (8)
  • Club Teams with the most list appearances: Barcelona (4)
  • Events with the most list appearances: Men’s World Cup (16), Euros (5)
  • Decades with the most list appearances: 1990s (40), 2010s (23), 1980s (16)

To see the list in its entirety and pictures of each jersey be sure to jump over to ESPN for the rundown, but let’s get to more important things…

GESM’s all-time favorite soccer jerseys

Just what you’ve been waiting for! Yes, ESPN released their own list and while it’s pretty good, we have to weigh in on the conversation. We’re not compiling a master list, so instead I asked members of the GESM team to send me their own favorite jersey.

Among our starting XI of favorite jerseys are three National Team jerseys and eight Club Team jerseys from four different countries. Just as ESPN’s list heavily featured Italy, so too did ours. See the full list below!

GESM's Favorite Soccer Jerseys

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