GESM Remembering the 2010s
Mike Koeshartanto

From Planking to Linsanity: GESM’s Favorites from the 2010s

Here we are with the last GESM newsletter of the year! In our 2019 Year in Review we hyped a rewind of the top soccer moments of the past decade. Unfortunately, we’re going to delay that a few weeks to kickstart the new year (and new decade). But don’t worry, we have something even better for you.

Instead, let’s keep things fun and lighthearted – and not soccer-related – as we quickly approach the holidays. Earlier this week I asked the team to shoot me a few of their favorite non-soccer things from the past ten years. From fads and trends to music and movies, we’re an eclectic group with strong opinions. As an office of mostly Millennials, we’re no stranger to the evolution, maturation, and roller coaster ride that is social media – the engine that drove conversation around the decade’s most (and least) popular topics. Maybe some day the GESM Harlem Shake video will surface…

It’s been a pleasure guiding you through the past year of soccer and marketing news and I – along with the rest of the team – look forward to greeting your inbox with fresh #content again in January. As we wind things down here in Chicago and head in various directions for the holidays, we can’t close out the decade without providing you our hot takes on the 2010s. Happy holidays, folks. See you all in 2020!


GESM - Remembering the 2010s

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