Mike Koeshartanto

GESM Soccer Marketing Rankings: #4 New York City


In so many ways, there is no place like New York and that’s a sentiment that certainly rings true when it comes to soccer. The #4 overall market in the GESM Soccer Rankings is home to two MLS teams, a thriving soccer bar scene with supporter groups repping teams from Buenos Aires to Milan, and host to many -and we mean many -international games over the years.

New Yorkers love to search for soccer news and updates and were top five for Champions League, Bundesliga, Premier League, and La Liga searches. Not only do New Yorkers search, they also talk about the sport on social media, as evidenced by top five Facebook searches for the Premier League, La Liga, and Champions League.

With all the opportunities to see the game in person, it’s no surprise that New York City’s best performing category was attendance at #4 overall. Soccer certainly runs deep within the DNA of this cosmopolitan city. While other markets are newer on the scene of our market rankings, New York City remains a constant.

For more information about our soccer market rankings, stay tuned for the full release on Wednesday, January 31st!

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