Mike Koeshartanto

GESM Soccer Market Rankings: #5 Harlingen / McAllen / Brownsville


At the #5 spot in GESM Soccer Market rankings is the soccer hot bed of Harlingen/ McAllen / Brownsville, TX.

The border region south of San Antonio is not surprisingly heavily influenced by its 85 percent Hispanic population where futbol is king. The market has consistently been a top performer in terms of soccer TV viewership and snagged the #1 overall position in this category in our latest rankings. But not only do residents love watching the sport, they also love playing it and ranked fifth in the participation category.

Enthusiasm for soccer is further evidenced by fans online searching activity that highlights a top 5 ranking for searches for La Liga, Bundesliga, Champions League, and not surprisingly, Liga MX. Equally, searches for both the Mexican National Team and U.S. Men’s National Team ranked in the top three.

For some, the appearance of Harlingen / McAllen / Brownsville as a top 5 ranked soccer market may seem surprising. The significance and impact of the Hispanic audience, however, cannot be understated and this market ranking accurately reflects the makeup of American soccer culture in 2019.

For more information about our soccer market rankings, stay tuned for the full release on Wednesday, January 31st!

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