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Game On! Manchester City Scores Multiple Esports Partners 

The latest version of EA Sports’ mega-hit FIFA 20 was released at the end of September, but we’re not here to discuss career mode improvements, the new street mode VOLTA, or the latest TOW members in FUT. 

Nope, we’re going to talk about the latest in the rapidly growing world of esports partnerships. This time, it’s the back-to-back Premier League Champions, Manchester City who are in the news for not one, but two major deals.

We’ve written about EA Sports FIFA before and how it’s truly a larger-than-life entity, which captures the attentions of soccer fans, gamers, and the general public alike. 

FaZe Clan Collaboration

If you’re familiar with esports, you’ve most-likely heard of FaZe Clan. They’re one of the largest esports organizations who have players in games ranging from Call of Duty to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, to the massive hit of Fortnite, and of course, EA Sports FIFA.

Now, they’re officially collaborating with Manchester City to bring esports fans and soccer fans together. For those of you unfamiliar with esports, FaZe Clan is a genuine powerhouse that has been around for a decade, with more than 214 million fans around the globe and over 500 million views of its content. Each month. 

As part of the collaboration, FaZe Clan had their name on the backs of City warm-up jackets for their most recent Premier League home match at the Etihad Stadium. Additional activations will include exclusive fan events in the United States, content, and co-branded retail products.

In-House FIFA esports Show

Beyond the partnership with FaZe Clan, the Cityzens, and City Football Group as a whole, also expanded their partnership with EA Sports. The game publisher is now the official gaming partner of Manchester City, while New York City FC and Melbourne City FC will see benefits, as well. 

This new partnership will see a monthly lifestyle gaming show produced in house at City TV. Having direct access to Man City players and digital talent will appeal to fans of the club and fans of the FIFA series. Topics on the shows will include anything from the latest trends in both gaming and soccer to how players and teams are best utilized while playing, and much more.

This collaboration is about much more than content creation, however. Damian Willoughby, CFG’s Senior Vice President of Partnerships sums it up best and shows the true scope of fandom.

“We know that playing EA Sports FIFA entices gamers to become lifelong football supporters so having all three clubs represented in FIFA 20 provides us with a unique opportunity.”

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