Casey H. Moore

Football Manager, Reddit, and Going Viral

This week a Reddit user named Lorf_Yimzo went on virtual holiday for 1,000 years. In most games this wouldn’t be news, but when it occurs in the world’s most popular soccer simulation game, headlines were written all around the world from The Guardian to Deadspin and Bleacher. This Redditor looked at the trends, the winners (a club I hold dear, Sheffield United and their 101 point record season), the losers (Chelsea, who in 1,000 years only won one more title), and those in the grave (Principat hold the record for a 257 game losing streak in the Europa League).

So what’s the relevance of this story in a soccer marketing blog? From a marketing POV it showcases the potential value of taking a stroll through the world of Reddit.  It took this young man 58 days to sim 1,000 years in Football Manager, but it took less than 24 hours for it to land on over 100 sports, news and video game websites.

More and more people are looking towards Reddit for content. Two of the biggest stories in the past six months in Eight by Eight magazine started as Reddit posts. The first was a look into design and art in commentator’s notebooks on game day. The other, a “Where are they now?” style piece on the young player of the year from 2000-2010.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the value of a channel like this if you are not an interactive brand. But this can be solved with a little creativity. Delve deep into Reddit and you’ll likley find subreddits that pertain to your business. You sell smartphones? Look into R/Smartphones. You sell soap? Click here and look at this Q&A on the most useful cleaning products. There are many different places and ways to use Reddit that could unlock a wealth of insights and opportunity.

Click here to check out the original post from Lorf_Yimzo.

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