FIFPRO Raising Our Game
Mike Koeshartanto

FIFPRO Release Women’s Soccer Report

FIFAPRO, the global representative organization for over 65,000 professional players, recently published findings from a women’s soccer report that illustrates the economic evolution of the game, match attendance, TV audience, sponsorship, and player conditions.

The report, entitled Raising Our Game, saw data collected from 186 female players from across the globe. Additional insights were gathered from all 24 governing bodies who participated in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The goal of the survey was to, among other things, better understand the conditions, interest, and value of women’s soccer through a variety of lenses, including:

  • Matchday attendance
  • Broadcast viewership
  • Sponsorship
  • Player conditions
  • Health of top division leagues
  • Player voices and influence
  • Collective bargaining and organizing

While the report is long, we recommend taking a look at its findings. From graphs charting men’s and women’s viewership and attendance to sponsorship revenues and average valuation of front-of-jersey sponsor placement, there are valuable insights into the growth of the women’s game in some areas and the disparity between the men’s and women’s game in others. Below are a few charts to wet your appetite for the full report.

FIFA World Cup sponsors


Women's Soccer Sponsorship Values

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  • Perspective on the U.S. Women’s National Team and U.S Men’s National Team
  • Legacy impact of the World Cup on fandom

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