Scott Hutchison

CONCACAF Edges Out UEFA For Champions League TV Viewers in US

If you were to ask the average soccer fan in the US which which midweek game had the highest number of television viewers in the US – Arsenal vs. Barcelona or Seattle Sounders vs. Club América – most would assume that the two of the biggest and most popular European clubs would easily dominate. That wasn’t the case however, with both matchups featuring the first leg of the knockout stages of the respective Champions League tournaments.

According to Nielsen overnight ratings, 523K people in the United States tuned in to the afternoon UEFA Champions League match, while 689K watched the CONCACAF Champions league match in the evening. The CCL ratings factor in both Fox Sports 1 and Univision.

The popularity of Club América and Liga MX, propelled 516K people to tune in to Univision on a Tuesday night to watch. That’s on top of a very respectable 173K on Fox Sports 1 plus more than 42K people in the stands and showcases the immense power of the Hispanic market in the United States when it comes to television viewership of soccer matches.


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