Premier League Fans - Breakfast in Bed
Nikki Allen

Breakfast in Bed for Premier League Fans

Premier League fans in the U.S. have built a reputation of being incredibly dedicated. There’s no bigger sign sign of their level of commitment than waking up, often at the crack of dawn, to cheer on their team.

Given American fans are anywhere from five hours behind the UK on the East Coast to 11 hours behind in Hawaii, kickoff times for matches can start as early (or late) as 7:30am EST / 1:30am HST. Giving up precious beauty sleep every weekend to watch a match that’s happening thousands of miles and an ocean away? Now, that’s dedication.

When NBC became the broadcast partner of the Premier League, the two parties knew it was necessary to capitalize on the morning viewership of American fans, thus, #MyPLMorning was born.

Rewarding dedicated Premier League fans

Over the last year, the pandemic turned everyone’s life upside down.

Viewing habits of friends and family members who would typically meet at their local watering hole to watch a match traded the barstool for their couch. Fans who’d typically watched at home brought their families into the mix and watched together more.

In recognition of this sudden lifestyle shift, we found a way for fans, families, and partners to reward the special PL fan(s) in their lives for dealing with the early kickoffs, taking on different roles for their family, and simply thank them for their love and support.

We thought long and hard about what the surprise should be and then a lightbulb went off – what better way to reward fans on #MyPLMorning than with breakfast in bed!

Surprise… breakfast in bed!

With the idea formulated, we then developed a kit with all the breakfast essentials (minus the food). The kit was complete with exclusive Premier League / NBC items, including:

  • A plush, Premier League lion embroidered robe
  • A breakfast tray
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Coffee Mug
  • Coffee

In partnership with NBC, the #MyPLMorning Breakfast in Bed sweepstakes was born. Fans were told throughout Premier League coverage and via @PLinUSA on social media to submit a nomination for a deserving recipient each match weekend in the second half of the 2020/21 PL season.

Smiles with a side of pancakes and coffee!

Take a look at some of the recipients, whose loved ones cook up a mean breakfast. From children, to parents, to partners, nothing warms our heart quite like smiling faces paired with the Premier League and the breakfast du jour. If you look closely you may even see some famous faces, too!

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