Leandro Martinez

Avaya Stadium Keeps Innovating to Enhance Fan Experience

Avaya Stadium is already notorious for being the steepest seating bowl in MLS, the only stadium in MLS with field-level sidelines suites and the home of the largest outdoor bar in North America.

“Fans in Silicon Valley expect more from their sports venues, and last season we scored big with our fans on innovation and engagement at the highest level,” explained Dave Kaval, President of the San Jose Earthquakes, in a press release as highlighted by sporttechie.com.

The newly opened stadium earned the title of being the first ‘cloud-enabled’ stadium in the MLS last year, and they are committed to keep pushing forward on innovation.

One more way to prove this, Avaya just released a new mobile app, available on iOS and Android platforms this Tuesday.

This app will augment a fan’s experience on-site with multiple gameday activities; our favorite: the fan engagement wall. The wall offers an interactive, digital, and social experience that is changing the way fans shape their gameday experience in real time. With the app, fans will be able to interact with the engagement wall and have access to: a gameday activity stream, team facts, digital player cards, stadium chat, interactive polling, live communications, and other gameday logistic information.

Being more aggressive on mobile and digital means that the stadium needs to keep investing in its already innovative infrastructure. To support this initiative Avaya will provide a Wi-Fi service to make sure fans can enjoy the mobile and digital experiences seamlessly.

The improvements will keep coming as they are part of Avaya’s focus on creating better customer experience, increase productivity and enhance financial performance.

It is clear that MLS wants to become one of the top leagues in the world and compete with the likes of English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga, which makes the design of the venues one of the top priorities for all of the teams. Innovating on technology and fan experience is a smart way to sustain the growth and keep fans coming back to games while gaining relevance on the world stage.

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