John Guppy

Attendance Ranking for 83 North American Teams

With the regular season for all domestic leagues now closed, long time soccer enthusiastic and announcer Kenn Tomasch pulled together a combined ranking of all pro teams based on attendance.  A few things jumped out:

  • Seattle is in a league of its own. The Sounders average attendance (42,636) is 65% greater than the #2 team, Orlando SC.
  • Expansion pays. 7 of the top 10 best supported MLS teams are expansion markets and not part of the original League line-up.
  • Portlanders love their soccer. Average attendance between the Timbers (MLS) and the Thorns (NWSL) is 19,045.  Great support for both the Men’s and Women’s teams.
  • Pay attention to Cincinnati. The USL Club has grabbed a few headlines in the past year, and with good reason.  Average attendance of 17,296 places FC Cincinnati above 5 MLS teams.
  • Come on Dallas and Colorado. The top two performing teams in MLS are in the bottom 3 of MLS average attendance; highlighting the fact the while winning is a key ingredient, success at gate is affected by many other factors.

Take at look at Kenn’s full ranking of 83 teams.

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