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Amazon scores a brace of soccer offerings

Amazon has made a significant play into the world of soccer with it’s All or Nothing docuseries focusing on Manchester City’s record-breaking Premier League season last year. Reported to cost around $13.1m USD, the 8-episode Amazon Prime video series gives fans unprecedented access to the Shark Team’s historic 100-point season with footage from the locker room, training session, boardroom and more. The series will cover both the highs – winning the Premier League and the Carabao Cup, and the lows – losing to Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup and Liverpool in the Champions League. The All or Nothing video series has already featured the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, and the Michigan Wolverines. This soccer specific feature will rival Netflix’s similar docuseries released back in February focusing on Juventus of the Italian Serie A. The series will be live on Amazon Prime Video on August 17th. Check out the trailer below if you’re on the fence about watching this series. Goosebumps. Everywhere.

On the e-commerce front, Amazon has partnered with S.S.C. Napoli of the Italian Serie A to launch a first of its kind dedicated Napoli portal on Amazon’s platforms in Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Spain, with plans to be in the North American market soon. This partnership helps to eliminate the unfamiliarity of navigating an Italian website to buy merchandise for international fans. This partnership is significant for Amazon as well, as historically when outsourcing their e-commerce, most major sports properties tend to go with Fanatics.

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