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Griffin Ward

The Airbnb of Soccer Sponsorship is Here

The future of soccer sponsorship may have arrived in the form of Sponsor.Online. Sponsor.Online has bridged the gap between clubs and brands by creating an online marketplace for brands of any size to easily strike a partnership with a soccer club of their choosing.

Clubs can easily sign up and list what inventory they have available for sponsorship, just as a host would post property for rent on Airbnb. Brands then navigate the marketplace, and make the initial contact, discussion, and exchange all within Sponsor.Onlineā€™s platform, greatly increasing the efficiency of the whole exchange. Sponsor.Online takes a small commission fee for facilitating the exchange, which you can argue is worth the price for convenience.

It makes the process of finding a club who is the right fit a breeze for brands, with club information, social media metrics, sponsorship opportunities, time frames, and prices all readily available on the platform for direct comparison. It greatly reduces the time spent during the knowledge gathering process, and houses everything you need to make an informed decision all in one place.

With Sponsor.Online estimating that unsold inventory and outdated asset packaging causing $26 billion USD to go unrealized in 2018, the need for a more efficient way of striking partnerships is glaringly apparent. With over 140 European teams, 45 global brands, and 20 regional brands already on board, Sponsor.Online may just revolutionize the way partnerships are created and become the Airbnb of soccer sponsorship in the process.

To learn more about Sponsor.Online, you can read more at SportsPro Media.

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