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Adidas Soccer Partners With YouTube Channel COLORS

Adidas continues to test the waters of sponsorship and influencer marketing in unique and engaging ways. However, their latest partnership may just be their most subtle, yet greatest. Announced two days ago via COLORSxStudios Instagram, adidas football (soccer) and the well known YouTube channel partner  for a week of exclusive releases.

COLORS is a unique YouTube channel that focuses on the world’s most talented up-and-coming musicians and puts them in a unique recording studio to perform. What comes from this is an experience like none you’ve ever had blending both great music and aesthetically pleasing surroundings to create a wholly unique video. The page is making waves within the YouTube community to the drum of nearly 2 million subscribers and just over 450 million video views.

Adidas sees this as an opportunity to reach an attractive, highly targeted audience. Adidas Soccer continues to find branding opportunity where other brands may not look because they see their soccer brand not only as performance apparel but fashion.

Two adidasxCOLORS performances have already been released. Luckily for adidas Soccer, those performances are two of the brightest young stars in the American hip-hop game. J.I.D., one of Atlanta’s hottest young talents, performance has already garnered 115,000 views after only a few hours of being released on the channel. Gunna, another up-and-coming Atlanta rapper, posted 338,000 views just two days after its release. That’s a lot of eyes on adidas product in two days! See below for these exciting performances filled with intoxicating wordplay and some explicit language.

J.I.D. – Atlanta – Real Madrid

Gunna – Atlanta – Juventus

Not3s – London – Manchester United

Lefa – Paris – Bayern Munich

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