Our Story

What’s in a name? For us – everything.

The name on our door, letterhead and email signature is an ever present reminder of our guiding mission. “Gilt Edge” stands for “highest quality”- and our sole focus is to provide 
clients with the “Highest Quality Soccer Marketing” expertise there is.

We don’t do other sports marketing. So if you’re looking for help reaching the baseball Dad or the passionate hockey fan, we’re not your people. There are lots of good generalist marketing
agencies, but being something to everyone is just not our way.

Our goal is to be the best at one thing: connecting brands to the soccer consumer. This requires focus, discipline, and commitment. For us, soccer marketing is not a part-time or
passing assignment, it’s what
we do: 24-7-365.

Many brands are excited by the marketing opportunity soccer represents in the U.S. They appreciate, however, that soccer fandom is multi-dimensional and a very different animal to traditional American sports. Brands hire us because they recognize that specialized expertise is the
best way to unlock
soccer’s marketing potential.

If you are a brand currently involved in the soccer world, or considering the
the game affords, we’d love
to “kick it” together.

Agency Pillars

  • Consumer Insights
  • Industry Insiders
  • Independent Status
  • Direct Experience
  • 100% Focus
  • Consumer Insights

    We understand each of the soccer consumer profiles. We know who they are, where they are, what connects them to the sport, what they find relevant and valuable, and most importantly, how to reach them.

  • Industry Insiders

    We are known and trusted by the soccer community.  This status provides unparalleled access to relationships and knowledge that help us develop opportunities for our clients that others simply could not deliver.

  • Independent Status

    We do not represent the sponsorship sales interests of any soccer property. This allows us to undertake an objective and extensive review of every possible sponsorship, media, and marketing opportunity within the soccer landscape.

  • Direct Experience

    Over the past 25 years we have worked with more than 50 brands specifically on soccer marketing programs.  We have had many successes but also some disappointments.  Every initiative, however, has made us better, and offered insights that will directly benefit our next client.

  • 100% Focus

    We believe that specialization and focus the keys to offering the highest level of expertise.  Soccer marketing is all we do, and our entire agency is vested in the soccer community 365 days a year.

hablamos español hablamos fútbol

acm-logoThe dynamic U.S. Hispanic community has a special affinity for the game and are a key audience for many brands. In 2009 we formed a strategic alliance with multicultural marketing experts AC&M Group. Our combined expertise provides clients with a truly unparalleled scope of services



The U.S. soccer community comprises diverse demographics with a smorgasbord of soccer passions and connections. Comprehending consumer insights and the culture of soccer is where everything starts at GESM. Each and every day we are engaged in conversations with each different types of soccer consumer developing new insights that help shape our strategic and tactical thinking. We get down into the nitty gritty of understanding the motivations behind fandom choices, soccer consumption habits, the impact of cultural influences, and an appreciation for how fans discuss and share their passion.

  • Daily Interactions
  • Qualitative Surveys
  • Focus Group
  • Syndicated Research
  • Man in the Street Interviews